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Courage Long Sleeve Tee - $$33.99

Unisex Long Sleeve Tee - Front Print; Be of Good Courage, Have Faith in GOD.

Whatever you are facing in Life remember GOD is aware, Have Faith in GOD through His son Jesus Christ the LORD, our only Salvation, victory and success for the Salvation of our souls. Take strength in the LORD and be not ignorant of the devil's devices, submitting your life daily in the LORD, giving thanks always with Confidence, knowing that with GOD ALL things are possible.

GOD shall see you through in Jesus mighty name, as you receive this inspirational message in the point of your Faith for the GLORY of GOD and Peace into your lives. I pray that GOD meet the desires of your heart, as you give your heart indeed to Him through LOVE, Hope and Faith.

Do not doubt what you have entrusted in Prayer, only BELIEVE and move on expecting breakthroughs, miracles and all of God's Blessings, destined for your life and family. Cheer up for Jesus Christ the LORD, and Be of Good Courage. God shall meet your needs at the point of Your Faith toward Him in Christ name.

Remember, the enemies of your soul, the devil only works to hinder any progression in your life, Resist the devil and he will flee from you as you stand firm on GOD's Word over your Life, confessing daily the WORD of GOD and His promises over your life and Family.

The only thing, the devil has against people is their ignorance! When people ignore the Knowledge of GOD in Jesus Christ, they literally give the devil access into their lives, but when we are enriched in the knowledge of GOD in Jesus Christ, the devil is powerless against the Omnipotent of GOD through Jesus Christ the LORD residing in our Heart, through His WORD, that we are believing on by FAITH in obedience, in the finished works of Jesus Christ on the Cross and His reigning eternal GLORY and Power, as LORD and GOD in Jesus mighty name.

Take courage and be of good cheer! GOD loves you more than you can ever know, Be strong and continue to build daily on your faith toward GOD through His WORD.



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