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America Believe Jesus: Ladies Tee - $22.99

Front Print: America Believe Jesus Christ the LORD; our only Deliverer and Salvation.

BELIEVE; Believe in What GOD our Heavenly Father through His son Jesus Christ did on the cross. Believe in His Finished Works at Crucifixion; Believe in all God's Promises for your Life and family through Jesus Christ the LORD.

To BELIEVE in the Heart or to possess FAITH is a wonderful Grace to Have, imagine the lives without faith there is only hopelessness and emptiness of life, FAITH is very essential vitality energy and GOD's Power to empower the Human soul by His Spirit in Jesus name.

Take strength LADIES - You are a Vital Link to a Family's Powerful Act of FAITH.

Faith is very essential in the Life of a Believer. The Word of GOD even tells us that with Faith, as small as a mustard seed we can move mountains. This is why the devil always tries his best to fill your mind up with doubts and worries. He knows that if he can remove you from the realm of faith, he can remove you from the realm of destiny. As Jesus was conversing with Peter he said, " I have prayed for you so that your FAITH does NOT FAIL you." Jesus understood the restorative POWER that Faith Entails.

You can lose many things, but never lose your Faith. No matter what you may be going through. Remember! It is through Faith that Jesus is able to perform works in our Lives. How do we know? Because HE is still about His Fathers Business. He is still breaking yoke of every bondages, He is still the burden bearer. He still an ever present help. Should you need Healing, new ears, new eyes, new miracles and breakthroughs, MY JESUS the LORD is still doing it today! JUST Have FAITH and BELIEVE.

Grab this FAITH Tee and Testify to the Goodness of GOD in CHRIST over your LIFE. 

Remember you BEST is Yet to COME - Remain connected in FAITH, and Never Let your Faith Fail.

Glorifying the Omnipotent Grace of the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD in Jesus Christ the LORD, the center of our FAITH; Faith in the Finished works of GOD through Jesus Christ the LORD.

Remember the Hebrew translations of the Gospel - Euangelion - Gospel-Good News of the promise of Salvation and its fulfillment by the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ;

Take time to dwell on the Euangelion written narratives within the book of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John in the Bible.

Be not ashamed of the Gospel of Salvation in Jesus Christ the LORD, for it is the Wisdom and Power of GOD to ALL who BELIEVE = FAITH born in the Heart through GOD's WORD (Jesus Christ)


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